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New Denture Wearers’ Common Concerns

Dentures don’t have anything to do with the tongue’s taste buds, so why have I lost my sense of taste? New denture wearers often report a dulled sense of taste. In short, the loss of taste is often psychological. Wearing new dentures creates so many sensations, the brain becomes overloaded, [...]

Menopause Can Lead to Oral Health Problems

Dr. Seal and our team here at the office understand menopause brings lots of changes. Most women are aware that osteoporosis becomes a significant danger after menopause, and take steps to help prevent it. However, both osteoporosis and hormonal changes increase your risk for periodontal disease and tooth loss. Periodontitis: [...]

All About Implants

What Are Implants? Dental implants have been used for over 1,000 years; archaeologists uncovered an ancient Mayan jawbone with three of them made from shells. Today, Dr. Seal uses titanium to create your dental implants. Titanium is highly biocompatible – it does not provoke allergic reactions or degrade from harmful [...]

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