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Could The End of All Cavities Be In Sight?

A new mouthwash study may be the beginning of the end for dental caries. A team of researchers at UCLA’s School of Dentistry, led by Dr. Wenyuan Shi, has developed an oral rinse they’re calling a “smart bomb” against cavities. Could tooth decay, the most common disease in the world, [...]

Why Choose D. Greg Seal Prosthodontics for Your Dental Implants?

Expertise & Education As a prosthodontist, Dr. Seal graduated from dental school with his doctorate in dental science, or DDS, degree. He then continued his education, completing two years of advanced training in prosthodontics. In addition to this, Dr. Seal has been an instructor, international lecturer, and author. He believes [...]

You’re Ready for Retirement, but Are Your Teeth?

For decades, you’ve worked and planned for that glorious day: the day you retire from the workforce. You plan to relax, play lots of golf, take vacations, and spend quality time with the grandkids. You are more than ready for retirement…but are your teeth? If you’ve avoided six-month checkups and [...]

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