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Restoring the Sparkle to Stained Teeth

As we age, our teeth will begin to turn more yellow, brown, or gray simply from years of exposure to dark foods and beverages as well as to thinning of the enamel and enamel wear. You are already aware that tobacco, coffee, tea, and red wine will cause tooth stain. [...]

Benefits of Fake Smiling and Not Frowning

Will fake smiling improve your mood? While some doctors believe that faking a smile, particularly if you don’t like the way your smile looks, can decrease self-confidence, other research claims that smiling can improve mood, both for the smiler and those that witness the smile. For the Fake Smilers An [...]

Want a New Smile? You May Need a Prosthodontist-Cosmetic Dentist!

Cosmetic dentistry is not a specialty recognized by the American Dental Association, but you’ve probably heard or read about cosmetic dentists in the past few years. A “cosmetic dentist” performs procedures that improve the appearance of a smile. Prosthodontists have been improving the appearance of their patients’ smiles for most [...]

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