New Denture Wearers’ Common Concerns

Dentures don’t have anything to do with the tongue’s taste buds, so why have I lost my sense of taste?

New denture wearers often report a dulled sense of taste. In short, the loss of taste is often psychological. Wearing new dentures creates so many sensations, the brain becomes overloaded, and taste is literally the last thing on the denture wearer’s mind. As the mouth and nerves become accustomed to the dentures, taste will return. Be careful during this adjustment period that you don’t burn your mouth on hot food or drinks. Use your fingers to help you gauge temperature. Also, you can become accustomed to your dentures more quickly by chewing on both sides of your mouth. This exercise evens out the pressure and helps your dentures adjust to you—and you adjust to your dentures.

My dentures feel loose and unstable. Why is this? Aren’t they custom made for my mouth?

Dentures are custom fitted, or lined, to accommodate the ridges of the gums. However, particularly for new denture wearers, we expect the jaw to change shape a bit. You should return to your dentist or Dr. Seal (a Dallas prosthodontist) for denture adjustments as needed. In the meantime, you can use a bit of denture adhesive to improve stability. For no-slip dentures, talk with Dr. Seal about dental implants.

Why are my gums so sore, and will they ever feel good again?

If you’re new to dentures, you need to give your mouth time to adjust. However, keeping the gums and dentures clean is imperative. Dirty dentures or bacteria on gums can lead to irritation and even infection. Be meticulous with denture care; clean the denture well and then be sure to soak them in a denture cleanser. If your gums are very sore, make sure to return to our office for an adjustment.

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