Rough Dentures Aren’t a Mistake

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Published on: April 5, 2012

First-time denture wearers often ask, “Why are my dentures rough?” The inside part of a denture that fits against the gums is made to fit snugly against the hills and valleys, or nooks and crannies, of your gums. Because dentures are designed to be held in place with natural suction, they may appear rough, but it’s actually custom-fitted to be a mirror image of your gums for maximum contact and adhesion.

That said, when a denture is first inserted, you should expect an adjustment period of about two weeks. There will be some sore areas to be adjusted during that time.  New denture wearers should expect several weeks to become accustomed to the fit and feel of wearing dentures. If you are past the adjustment period and begin to experience new soreness or lack of stability of the denture, your denture may need to be relined.

Denture Relining

Over time, dentures will lose their initial snugness. This occurs when the ridges of the gums wear down and bone density decreases. To re-fit a denture, the denture is relined. With a lower denture, relining is required almost every two years. An upper denture requires relining less frequently.

An Alternative to Traditional Dentures

For patients who don’t want to mess with relining, adhesives, potential looseness, and discomfort, implant-retained dentures may be a viable option. While traditional dentures rely on suction, adhesive, and “rough” lining for stability, implant-retained dentures snap onto four implants, so they’re stable and secure. Alternatively, the teeth may be “screwed” permanently onto the implants.

If you have denture questions, contact Dallas prosthodontist Dr. Greg Seal today at (214) 361-0883. With over 25 years’ experience as a North Dallas prosthodontist and cosmetic dentist, Dr. Seal serves residents in the Katy Trail and SMU areas, as well as Highland Park, University Park, and the neighboring communities.