Fractured Teeth Restored

Pressure can cause teeth to crack. This includes pressure from fillings changing shape over time, as well as pressure from biting or chewing. If a fractured tooth cannot be restored with a crown, Dr. Seal may recommend a dental implant.

Crowns: A tooth that has not sustained internal damage to the nerve may be restored with a crown. Dr. Seal places ceramic crowns on front teeth because they look natural. Now with newer high-strength ceramics, even molars can be restored with pure ceramic restorations.  These restorations are more natural appearing than metal based restorations as well as more biocompatible.

Dental Implants: A tooth that is not salvageable with a crown can be replaced with a dental implant. In the case pictured here, Dr. Seal replaced his patient’s fractured tooth with a tooth-colored crown. As you can see, the results look natural—and the implant functions like a natural tooth. With proper care, dental implants can last a lifetime.

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