Is Dental Implant Placement Painful?

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Published on: February 27, 2012

This is a common and valid question. An important part of excellent dental care is patient comfort, and at Dr. Greg Seal Prosthodontist, our entire team prioritizes mental and physical comfort for our patients.

Mental Comfort

While implant placement requires oral surgery, the entire procedure can take place in the dental office.  You will feel confident knowing that you’ll be in the competent and compassionate care of our team who know and value you. Peace of mind has a great impact on comfort, so please ask questions and allow us to give you all the information you need to feel confident about implant procedures.

Physical Comfort

Modern medicine has made physical comfort a standard procedure. Dr. Seal will offer medication, as necessary, based on your needs and the procedures being performed. Implants can often be placed comfortably with only local anesthetic or commonly with the addition of nitrous oxide. Concious sedation and general anesthetic are used on many cases however.

Everyday Comfort

With dental implants, the comfort you experience in your daily life will be dramatically enhanced. Implants will allow you to smile with confidence. You’ll be able to eat in front of others, without worry that your dentures may slip. In addition, implants eliminate the need for denture adhesive, so your daily oral care routine will become easier.

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