Why is Bone Density a Factor for Dental-Implant Patients?

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Published on: February 14, 2012

What is bone density?

Bone density refers to the mineral content in a volume of bone. Because dental implants are seated into the jawbone, good bone density may predict a higher likelihood of success.

How does the jawbone lose density?

Many dental implant candidates have poor bone density as a result of having had missing teeth for a prolonged period. The roots of teeth stimulate bone so that the body knows that it needs to retain bone to support the teeth. However, when teeth roots are missing, the body has no need for this jawbone , and the bone begins to resorb. Dentures do not stimulate the jawbone, so denture wearers normally face jawbone deterioration.

As the body pulls minerals from bone, bone deteriorates and loses density. This is not the only cause of bone reduction. Periodontal disease and other oral and systemic health conditions can contribute to jawbone deterioration.

How can you tell if jawbone density is a problem?

As a North Dallas prosthodontist, Dr. Greg Seal will thoroughly examine your oral health and provide you with a full assessment of your situation. He’ll share his findings with you, answer all of your questions, and recommend the appropriate procedures to improve your oral health and function.

Can someone with poor jawbone density have dental implants?

Yes. If necessary bone grafting may be performed to improve the volume of bone available to support and implant.

Is jawbone deterioration a concern after implants are placed?

Because a dental implant features a post that acts as a replacement tooth root, jawbone is continually stimulated as if a natural tooth were in place. In absence of disease, infection, and/or complications, jawbone density is not an issue for implant patients.

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