The Hazards of Smoking after Periodontal or Dental Implant Surgery

The hazards of using tobacco have long been public knowledge: smoking causes cancer, emphysema, and a long list of health problems. Smoking also contributes to gum disease and tooth loss. However, smoking is particularly problematic after oral surgery.

The Journal of Periodontology published a study that shows, after gum surgery, patients who smoke are more likely to experience residual gum recession. Why? Smoking prevents the body from healing as it should after surgery. The fact is, periodontal or implant surgery may need to be performed again if gums do not heal properly.

If you smoke, ask Dr. Seal about programs to help you quit. According to a WebMD study, 22% of respondents lie to their doctors about smoking. Dr. Seal is here to help you enjoy improved dental and overall health, but he can only do so if you are forthcoming with information – like smoking. Please don’t fear judgment, just be honest. Your future health depends on it.