A Smile a Day Keeps the Low Self-Esteem Away

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Published on: January 26, 2012

It’s been said that when you look good, you feel good. Is this statement true? Science says yes. Smiling has been shown to boost the immune system and reduce stress. Less stress means more room for happiness, and who wouldn’t want that?

The Impact of A Smile

Your smile makes an impact before you say a word. It’s a universal language that tends to be contagious. The perfect smile could win you a second interview or a first date.

One study by Kelton Research found that job candidates more often received offers and higher salaries after having their teeth whitened. In a poll by the American Academy of Cosmetic Dentistry, participants felt that people with attractive smiles seemed more intelligent, successful, and friendly than those with less attractive smiles. These studies may be isolated instances, but they do show that in some cases, a beautiful smile may significantly influence the impression one makes.

Taking great care of your oral health at home by brushing and flossing daily, and visiting your general dentist for six-month checkups and cleanings, are key to maintaining a healthy smile, fresh breath, and good oral hygiene.

Improving Your Smile

But what if you want more? Straighter, brighter teeth, better spacing between teeth, larger or more rounded teeth, and replacement teeth are common concerns for many Americans. We live in an age when smile enhancements are commonplace, so you can have a more attractive smile.

If you’re confident with your smile’s appearance, you’ll smile more. As a cosmetic dentist and prosthodontist, Dr. Greg Seal offers a variety of minimally invasive smile makeover procedures. Teeth whitening can remove stains accumulated over years, even decades. The whiter a smile, the more youthful it appears. To correct chips and spacing issues, consider cosmetic bonding or porcelain veneers. To replace missing teeth, dental implants offer a permanent and natural-looking solution.

For your personal smile makeover consultation, contact Dr. Greg Seal at D. Greg Seal Prosthodontics by calling (214) 361-0883.