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All-Ceramic vs. Metal Crowns

Categories: Restorative Dentistry
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Published on: February 15, 2012

What is A Crown? A dental crown is a restoration that covers the entire portion of a tooth that extends outside the gumline, though it often extends just below the gumline. Crowns restore function and stability to a tooth that is significantly decayed, fractured, or chipped or to a tooth [...]

New Denture Wearers’ Common Concerns

Dentures don’t have anything to do with the tongue’s taste buds, so why have I lost my sense of taste? New denture wearers often report a dulled sense of taste. In short, the loss of taste is often psychological. Wearing new dentures creates so many sensations, the brain becomes overloaded, [...]

Dallas Prosthodontist for Full-Mouth Reconstruction

In some situations, a general dentist will refer a patient to a prosthodontist for full-mouth restoration. As a prosthodontist, Dr. Seal has advanced training and specialty certification in prosthodontics. In addition to replacing teeth, as with dental implants, dentures, partials, and bridges, a complex dental rehabilitation may also include dental [...]