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Mustaches, Men’s Health, and How They’re Related

Have you noticed the new trend that’s growing on those around you? That’s right, it’s Movember – a month-long moustache-growing event to raise awareness for prostate cancer and men’s health. Also known as Novembeard, the event raises millions of dollars worldwide for cancer research. Additionally, November 19th is International Men’s [...]

Up In Smoke: How Smoking Affects Your Oral Health

November 17th is the Great American Smokeout – an annual event designed to highlight the dangers of smoking and help smokers quit. Cigarettes, cigars, pipes, and smokeless tobacco are all dangerous to your health in multiple ways. Dry Mouth: Also known as xerostomia, dry mouth is persistent and uncomfortable. It [...]

Some Respiratory Diseases May Be Linked to Periodontal Disease

Upper respiratory infections are common in winter months, and they’re associated with the common cold. However, respiratory problems can be much more serious. Pneumonia, COPD, bronchitis, and asthma are a few respiratory conditions that can become significant. A study published in the Journal of Periodontology tells us that periodontal disease [...]